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Stolen moments are things Toshi is slowly getting used to having. He is given far more time out in the world, doing observation and data gathering, than before. Perhaps because Adam trusts him now, perhaps because His plans are slowly starting to get into motion. It isn't the android's place to ask. All he knows is that he will now spend days at a time away from the Ouroboros base before going back to charge, report in on the data he sent back, be either rewarded or punished, and given a new objective.

Even with surveillance, he finds time to do little things for himself. He doesn't understand why. He doesn't know where the motivation or desire came from, but he finds himself stopping to stare at the sunrise, or the way clouds just begin to part when the sun burns through the rain. Or to lift some cat food from the store and feed the struggling stray he found.

Which is exactly what he's doing tonight. He knows Kotetsu and Barnaby are both asleep, the monitors he's placed tell him so, so he has some freedom.

He doesn't understand why he feels the way he does when he looks at this mangy thing. It probably had stripes at some point, but it's so dark with filth that you can't know for sure. It's missing a fang, and part of its tail, but Toshi can sense a vicious will to live. That suspicion is confirmed when it absolutely inhales the food he's left out, and he watches from a distance with a warmth as if the cat praised him for it.

He comes back again, another day, while the sun is still up. It's a risk, but he knows where the heroes are, and they're doing nothing important. The cat finishes eating and doesn't run away immediately. It sits and stares at Toshi will eyes more intelligent than he expected to see. He blinks.

The cat blinks. The android smiles. He's so distracted by this, he isn't paying attention to much else.
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Today is a rare and exciting day. Toshi Kaburagi-Brooks is shopping at a sex store for himself. Usually he would be here picking up some fun new torture device to use against his favorite heroes, but today he is actually looking for himself. Even with two partners, solo play is important! And, well, Kotetsu and Barnaby are traveling for work. They offered to find an excuse to bring him along, but he's fine staying home for a little while alone. It's good for him, to not be so codependent.

He's a bit lonely, though. Video calls and sexting can only get you so far, after all.

He sighs thoughtfully, eyeing the display of dildos and vibrators. On the one hand, he doesn't want something too boring, but on the other hand, he doesn't want to get something fancy and not like it. He glanced at the fleshlights and such and pretty immediately decided against that, so that narrows it down... a little?

He might need help.
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[Settling into a routine is a sign that Toshi has either been here too long, or just long enough. Expected patterns of behavior are comforting to him the same way they are comforting to humans, and the regular schedule of his day keeps him sane even when he's awake all night.

Late mornings are for dance lessons. Which he has been enjoying a great deal. The grace and control he'd been built with for the sake of destruction were easily diverted into expression. He's been having... fun. Not something he expected when he first arrived in the castle and had a panic attack.

He's even making friends! Learning new skills both practical and social! Even if Mettaton makes him very nervous sometimes, he greatly enjoys the other robot's company.

So he's early for his lessons, relaxing in the Ballroom.]
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[Only a week left... a few last exams, and she would have diploma in hand. A certification to complete her dream, to set off on adventure, and to make a living doing it. Screw the big pomp and circumstance ceremony, this is where the satisfaction lay, in a quiet moment in her dorm with the knowledge of a job well done. She's set for her finals, and even started packing a little to go home. At least for a little while.

The secure warmth of one goal achieved leaves some room in her mind for other things she's left on the backburner. Potential dreams and goals she could have, now that all doors are open to her. It's an embarrassing train of thought, and one she's managed to totally avoid until now with a great many good excuses. Excuses that she doesn't really have any more. She could study more, but really she's been through it all so many times she knows she knows it. She could go ask her suitemate if she wants to do something... but that would be avoiding, and that's not Airi's style.

So, she picks up the phone. He's on speed dial.

It rings.

She bits her lip and curls her toes, mustering her courage.]
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Because I need to practice with some rusty muses, and everyone needs a good meme bash

Flavor First

Monster Mash

Let's be real, it's basically Ryslig but for my own test drive purposes. Pick a monster and go nuts!

Flavor Second

Random Scene Generator!

Flavor Third

First Meetings Meme (Stolen from here)


01. At A Bar: You’re out with your friends, or maybe by yourself, and someone catches your eye. Don’t be shy! Go say hi, or give them a cheesy pickup line.
02. Grocery Store: Maybe the both of you are eying the same frozen dinner, or maybe you’re both grabbing for the same apple. Whatever the case, chat them up!
03. Laundromat: Whoops! Did you just drop your panties/boxers on the floor? Don’t worry! There’s a friendly stranger there to help you pick them up, or maybe just look awkward and blush a lot.
04. Blind Date: Your friend thinks you need a life so they’ve set you up on a date!
05. A Long Line: Both of you are stuck next to each other in a long line. Strike up a conversation!
06. Work: Maybe your cubicles are next to each other’s, or maybe you work in the same building. Or, maybe you’re a delivery person, delivering something to the other person.
07. Public Transportation: Subway, bus, train, airplane. Whatever the case, you’re now sitting next to this person.
08. Jail: You’ve both been put in the same cell (let’s just pretend there are coed cells), and now you have nothing but time to chat.
09. Wildcard: Pick whatever you want!

Flavor Wildcard

Got another idea? Want to leave a prompt and let me (or the other person) make a starter? Want to AU someone somewhere? Go crazy.
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[He really should be in a hurry. The kind of casual trying to not draw attention to himself hurry where he leaps out of a window and disappears into the night. And then seduces someone for a celebration of a job well done.

What is is doing is slowing down very considerably to attempt to get a better look at an extremely attractive individual who just swept passed him.

Damn his weakness for aesthetics.

He can't decide if he'd prefer to be caught staring or not, and is perfectly content to wait until a decision comes to him.]
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Congratulations, you have suddenly found yourself in Iwatodai, home to the man-made Port Island and the famous Gekkoukan High School! Either you have accidentally dimension-hopped, or you just came to this city from elsewhere in the world. Or maybe you've been here for some time and call this place home.

Make a post and indicate which of my persona 3 characters you'd like to interact with! You can set the stage, or if you give me a vague who and where, I can!

Available characters are Minako Arisato, Minato Arisato, Fuuka Yamagishi, Ryoji Mochizuki, Koromaru, or Aigis.

Just don't let the shadows get you at night~
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[Getting separated in Tartarus isn't an unheard of occurrence, so when Minako steps up the stairs to find herself alone, she doesn't panic at first. It's odd that Fuuka doesn't immediately let her know what's going on, but a little exploration should solve it, right?

A few floor climbs later, and still radio silence. She starts to get worried.

Her SP is getting low, and there isn't an access point in sight. Where the hell is her team? Why can't she hear Fuuka at all?

And then, to make things even better, a glowing red shadow rounds the corner and spots her.]

Oh, great. Fine. Bring it!

[She charges forward to meet it, evoker raised.]
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[This is a good idea. This is a great idea. Let your new demon friend possess you and have control, so he can talk to your nervous boyfriend about the whole deal to try to convince him that he is harmless. What could possibly go wrong?

Minako is fretting a little as she hands control of her body over, but Ryoji is being reassuring and confident. She watches from the proverbial backseat as he picks out something to wear. Minako quips that it isn't a date, and Ryoji retorts that they'll "see about that". Minako just rolls her internal eyes.

There are physical changes, too, with Ryoji in full control of Minako's body. Her hair darkens, and her eyes lighten to that icey blue. Her legs lengthen, and her body stretches out overall, to be more androgynous. A little mole appears on her cheek. It... isn't a bad look on her, all things considered. Or on Ryoji. It's confusing.

Once he's settled on a dress of her's that she is certain he must know is a favorite of Yukio's, they head out to meet Yukio. He hasn't seen them together with Ryoji fully in control before, so it will certainly be quite an entrance.]
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She's sitting on one of the tables they use as desks, swinging her feet and giggling. It's a normal day, all of them hanging out before cram school. It's Shima's desk she's sitting on, joking with the other students, laughing at Shima's off-color jokes. He compliments her, in that stupid teenaged boy way he does, and she rolls her eyes at him, giving him a push on the forehead with a finger.

"You're too much!"

He comes back grinning, matching her laughter. In a bold stroke, he lifts his hand to her rest on her knee, making her raise her eyebrows at him.
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Minako had to admit she was a little surprised when Shiro had asked her to tutor his foster son. She would have figured he could handle that well enough on his own, as well as taking the boy to classes if he felt it necessary. She wasn't an official teacher, not that she couldn't have done so if she wanted to. It was couched as a favor to a friend, giving the busy paladin the extra time to do his job, maintain his monastery, and care for his sons, so of course she agreed.

It isn't hard to see why Shiro believes private lessons are more up to speed with the boy. He's young but he's sharp as a tack, even behind all of the nerves. It's easy to see that he has incredible potential, and that individual attention is what's best to bring it out. So individual attention is what he's going to get! Minako is determined to be a good teacher, to do right by this kid, and to do Shiro proud.

While she's perfectly capable in training him for his Dragoon meister, she can't help but be curious about his potential for Taming. That's her speciality, after all, and always good information to have. So here they are for today's lesson, in a big empty room with plenty of space to move, and a small stack of papers for summoning.

"All right, so as we discussed. The circle," she holds up her drawn circle," a little blood, "she pricks her finger on a sharpened clip in her hair, and touched the paper with it, "and a whispered summons."

She mutters a quiet phrase in latin, and a small reaper frog arrives in a swirl of wind and light, sitting calmly by her side. "Good boy." He croaks in response.

"All right, you feel ready to try?" She turns back to Yukio, smiling encouragement.
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[As if getting to go on a school trip wasn't enough of a huge victory, Minako has gotten her way about almost everything while on said trip. She managed to sit near Yukio and chat with him for the whole journey, drop a few lines on him that either baffled or embarrassed him, and by some miracle she managed to end up assigned to share the room at the inn.

There are so many, many things she could be planning for this. So much trouble she could get in, or they could both get in, and all of it worth it.

She's playing a longer game here, though, so in spite of herself she will hold back and keep to the line. Keep it subtle, or, as subtle as she can be without it flying completely under her darling teacher's radar. It was a long day of hiking around, taking tours, listening to lectures, and finally after a pleasant supper, everyone is retiring for the night. Minako has already claimed the futon close to the door, and her things are gathered around it. She digs out her pajamas, considering them for a moment before folding them into her arms.]

I suppose I should go change in the bathroom.
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Through Hell I Met You
a grimdark shipping meme

The fact settles in your stomach like an ice cold rock. There's a good chance you're going to die here.

It's not surprising, really; you're either a prisoner in a most dangerous place possible or stuck in a cataclysmic event, both choices equally terrifying. You are surrounded on all sides by death, torture, despair, and hopelessness...all this, but you are not alone. Through this experience, you have come to meet someone else, someone in the same situation as you, a prisoner or a survivor. Perhaps you are both ruthless fighters, or total pacifists, or some combination of power and a calming influence - an important mix, given than you can't lose your heads.

This complete degradation and mutual understanding has brought you together in in a way no one else can understand. This bond is not platonic; romantic may not be the right word, not exactly, but you are closer to them than you've ever been with anyone else. It's a fire-forged relationship, made in the most dire of times. To you, they are your world. And you've made a promise, to them and to yourself. You'll get them out of this alive.

...even if you can't say the same about yourself.

how to
Comment with your character, canon, and preferences. If you have any ideas on what the harrowing and violent scene should be.
Reply to others.

  1. Angst
  2. A rare moment of fluff
  3. Action!
  4. Kill or be killed - the first blood on your hands
  5. Separation
  6. Calm down, the bad guys are gone.
  7. Cheer up
  8. Regrouping, refueling, and tending to wounds
  9. "You'll never take them away from me!"
  10. Smut (aka "this may be our last time alive")
  11. Inopportune timed confession
  12. Sacrifice of yourself to save them
  13. Failure. Both of you die in front of each other.
  14. Success! You escape to a new life.
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because who can wait until saturday every week?

one ➝ post with your character and their name/canon/pref/callout in the subject.
two ➝ either post with a tfln or make me choose (or someone else. it's a free for all.)
three ➝ respond to people's texts or tag them with your own.
four ➝ fun time for all!
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Because sniping porn from other memes is the perfect way to cope with sexual frustration! Pick your meme, or choose your own adventure! Call out whatever character of mine you want or leave it up to me! Or tag each other! GO NUTS

The Extreme Kinks Meme

*Kinks I'm not up for will be struck out*

1. Forced orgasm/orgasm denial - Maybe making your partner beg for it. Maybe making them beg you to stop.
2. Breathplay - When you control even how they breathe.
3. Sensory deprivation - So they perceive nothing but your touch.
4. Dub-con - Whether they like it or not.
5. Non-con - They definitely don’t like it. You don’t care.
6. Somnophilia - While you were sleeping...
7. Fisting - Inside them past the wrist.
8. Mind Control - Congratulations: you have powers of hypnosis, or telepathy. All the better to subdue your partner.
9. Master/slave or master/pet dynamics - You own them, and everything they are.
10. Piercings/tattoos/branding/scarification - Leaving a permanent mark.
11. Humiliation - Someone deserves to be taken down a peg or two.
12. Aftercare - You’ve exhausted them. Time to bathe, cuddle, and put them back together again.

1. Forced feminization/masculinization - Who’s a good little girl?
2. Pegging/Femdom - because guys aren’t the only ones who can bend someone over a desk and fuck ‘em.
3. Breast expansion - Hmm, let’s make a few adjustments here...
4. Pregnancy, fertilization, breeding - You just can’t wait to have a child.
5. Human cattle/livestock - Milking, feeding, mucking ‘em out.
6. Bimbo/slut transformation - They only exist to fuck. Preferably to fuck you.

1. Bloodplay - Mmmm. Tastes like pennies.
2. Vore - Who’s hungry?
3. Mutilation - including castration, amputation, evisceration

1. Watersports - A golden shower.
2. Xenophilia, tentacles - Maybe you’re a little too fond of alien anatomy. Or maybe aliens are a little too fond of you...
3. Inflation - You’ve taken so much that you’re swollen.
4. Sounding - Slide it right down the center of his cock.
5. Medical kink - Oh, doctor, I have a terrible problem...
6. Enemas - To clean you out everywhere.
7. Extreme size difference - possibly even anatomically impossible sex
8. Multiple penetration - As many as you can take.

1. Age difference - May-December
2. Extreme age difference - ...February-December?
3. Underage sex - They might not know what they’re doing, but they’ll try.
4. Virginity - Time to deflower one partner or another.

1. Fucking machines - When human stamina just isn’t enough
2. Ritualistic sex - a religious sacrifice, a cult demand.
3. Gangbang - They’re all here, and they all want you.
4. Multiple - Pick two of the above.
5. Multiple multiple - pick 3-5 of the above.
6. Challenge - Include 5+ of the above.
7. Wild card - Don’t like any of the options? Come up with your own!

Bonobo Meme

Sex is a dirty, taboo act that needs to be restricted to
— No, scratch that.

The place you live now has a sex-friendly, sex-positive culture. Sex is a social activity often used to strengthen bonds and it's no big deal to discuss or indulge openly. It's always been this way — your character has grown up accordingly so there's no excuse for blushy blushy inhibitions. General physical affection that doesn't necessarily end in sex is also very highly encouraged and thought to better one's well being.

So go out there and touch someone. It's for the good of the group.

ANGER — Fighting with a friend and need to settle yourselves down? Maybe your friend is angry at something/someone else or even themselves! Take them aside and help blow off some steam.
HAPPINESS — You're so happy you could kiss someone. That and more is a perfectly acceptable form of celebration!
SADNESS — Someone's looking down in the dumps, but a little affection goes a long way.
JEALOUSY — They can't have the one they want, but maybe you can take their mind off of them. Or perhaps you're the one being pined after and you feel like throwing them a bone?
REMORSE — You've wronged them, they've wronged you. Now it's time to reconcile your differences and make up. By making out.
FEAR — Whether in the middle of being kidnapped or just watching a scary movie, you'll hold them, comfort them, pet them a little... or a lot.
ANXIETY — There's an upcoming big game/job interview/boss battle/other important event and someone's feeling jittery. Willing to lend a hand to help calm their nerves?
CURIOSITY — Wow! This person really fits your type to a T, whether due to looks or their proclivities that you've discovered through frank discussion. Luckily, it's no big deal to tell them as much.
GRATITUDE — You are bursting with it and ready to lavish it upon this person.
LOYALTY — You've got their back; you'd never do them wrong. It's time to show it and foster some camaraderie.
PLAYFULNESS — Tickle fights, cops and robbers, or distraction tactics for the workaholic in your life. It's all in the name of fun!
BOREDOM — No seriously, you've been in this line forever. It's not like anyone around is going to mind a show, right?
WE DO WHAT WE WANT — The obligatory wildcard option because this list is by no means exhaustive.

Don't see what you want? Do it anyway!
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Congratulations, you have suddenly found yourself in Iwatodai, home to the man-made Port Island and the famous Gekkoukan High School! Either you have accidentally dimension-hopped, or you just came to this city from elsewhere in the world.

Make a post and indicate which of my persona 3 characters you'd like to interact with! You can set the stage, or if you give me a vague who and where, I can!

Available characters are Minako Arisato, Minato Arisato, Fuuka Yamagishi, Ryoji Mochizuki, Koromaru, or Aigis.

Just don't let the shadows get you at night~
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In which every stupid shenanigan for Minako/Ryoji/Minato occurs amen.

Will update main post maybe.

Locked to [personal profile] notsogrimreaper and [personal profile] onelastpromise.
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